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The following information assist policy maker to have in mind the basic elements needed to create a basic policy. However it must be remembered that policies are written to address specific issues, and therefore the structure and components of a policy may differ considerably according to the need.

A policy document may have many pages or a single page with just a few simple statements.

Note: All small policies with similar attributes must be merged into a large document as much as possible.

Basic Policy Elements

  1. Introduction: (A brief explanation of the institution profile and It should include vision, mission and core values of the institution)
  2. Purpose Statement: (Explain in brief what the the policy intend to achieve.)
  3. Definitions and acronyms: (define all keywords and or give long form of all abbreviations used)
  4. Procedures Information: (This is the main part of the policy that include main and subsections explaining what actions to be done by who, and how, and  when etc)
  5. Policy Review: (When, who, how and what should be reviewed in the policy etc)

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