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Below are brief  7 stages any consultant or in charge of the technical college in Tanzania should follow to develop a curriculum for Basic Technician Certificate and Ordinary Diploma course.

Here are 7 very important stages to follow in order to develop the curriculum:

  1. Prepare materials and people for curricula development process. Eg you may need to use questionnaires etc
  2. Conduct a Situational Analysis in order to know the prevailing situation and if the intervention will reduce the problems
  3. Develop a draft of the curricula to be presented to the stakeholders consultative workshop for fine tuning.
  4. Conduct a one day or two day stakeholders consultative workshop to discuss and refine the draft of the curricula
  5. Write a workshop report, the refined curricula and submit to NACTE together with the Situational Analysis report.
  6. There is a possibility that NACTE will go through the documents and return with observations. Go through the NACTE observations and respond them, one by one. Prepare also the corrected documents and resend them to NACTE
  7. The curricula is now validated and ready to be used for training

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