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The monitoring is basically done through reporting system. Each staff must submit agreed reports using reporting formats to ensure accountability and equal and fare responsibilities allocations. A staff who report the job done will likely strive to accomplish the job in a stipulated standards of quality.

Basically a staff must report the following

  1. His/Her title
  2. Department
  3. Overall Job Description
  4. Planned Job from Last Month/Quarter/Semi Annual/Year
  5. Completed Activities in %age wise
  6. Reason of failure for activities not completed in more than 10%
  7. Challenges / Obstacles encountered
  8. Remarks/Comments/Opinions
  9. Plan (including strategies) for the next Month/Quarter/Semi Annual/Year

Business review or evaluation is done on previously objectives in the following format

Objective DescriptionTimelinePerformance IndicatorPlannedAchieved to dateRemarks

Failure or Success


Redesign is starting all over again through learning from mistakes. The marketing research and feedback system (customer’s feedback, Supplier feedback, Staffs feedback, Partners and other feedback) will give you basic information needed for decision making.

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Fomu ya Kiswahili

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