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Tourism like other international businesses requires a reputed office since most of your customers will establish your reliability through the availability of a physical office. It must be furnished with tourism tools like Maps, Journals, Guides, and tourism gears.  The communication devices like desktops, laptops, telephones, Wifi Radio etc are the other very important tools an office must have. The safari vehicles and parking space equipped with basic garage tools plus security guards are the other requirements for an office. At least a receptionist is required to receive emails, phone calls, physical guests etc.

To select an office location consider the following

  1. Secured and easily Accessible
  2. Availability of important services like power, internet, telephone etc
  3. Enough space and partitions
  4. Availability of enough facilities like power, internet, telephone, toilet, parking etc
  5. The land and or the building is insured, not in conflict, owner is not going bankruptcy

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