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The CV for Geotechnician contain the following parts

  1. Contacts
  2. Career Objective
  3. Profile Summary
  4. Achievement
  5. Key Qualifications and Skills
  6. Experience
  7. Education Background
  8. Hobbies and Interests
  9. Reference

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Nice Joseph

PO Box 456 Hai, Kilimanjaro

Cellphone: 062660660 or

email: [email protected]

 Career objective:

Geologist position with an exploration or mining company specifically in Mapping and Digitization.

Profile summary: 

Talented young female graduate committed to learning exploring and developing skills and career in Geological Mapping and Digitization who is also Proficient with MS Office, Lotus Notes, Windows XP and the Internet.


-Designed a modal for Strike measurement using wood and plastic in different orientation, May 2014

-Written a project which focused on Key parameters on Residual Diamond Mapping around Mwadui Kimberlite

Key Qualifications and Skills:

-Competent in Arc GIS and Map Info

-Poses a driving license class D and A


Designation: Junior Geologist
Organization: Excel Mining Inc, Denver
Duration: July 2013 – to date

  • Assist the head researcher in conducting the tests and confirming the chemical composition of the collected samples of earth
  • Study the maps and physical conditions prevalent at that location and explain the reasons that led to the geographic phenomenon
  • Analyze the geological conditions of a certain place and locate the mineral deposits, petroleum deposit, water resources, mines, etc.
  • Prepare maps and images of the location and provide an overview of its relationship with the surrounding areas
  • Classify the rocks, soil, vegetation and water samples collected from different locations on basis of its composition
  • Utilize the different instruments of magnetometers, seismographs and gravimeter, etc., to study earth’s magnetic field and gravity

Designation: Geologist Assistant
Organization: National Geology Institute, Denver
Duration: April 2012 – June 2013

  • Studied the information gathered from research, related to geological, geochemical, and geophysical features of the location
  • Taught the trainee geologists the methods of applying the principles in geology practically and interpreting the collected information
  • Ensured all team members follow the safety regulations religiously and that they do not indulge in any potentially harmful activity
  • Gathered fossil samples and forwarded them to paleontologist for evaluation. Deciphered the nature of the organism and the year when they existed
  • Provided information to the civil engineers in identifying the location for building dams, roads, laying pipelines,etc.

Designation: Trainee Geotechnician
Organization: Geological Survey of Tanzania – GST
Duration: September 2014 – March 2015

  • Accompanied the team on field trips and surveys and collected samples of rocks and soil peculiar to that location
  • Observed the experiments conducted in laboratories and learned the methods of conducting tests of the collected samples
  • Prepared research reports by gathering the details of the recently conducted experiments and the results it brought forward
  • Provided research data to seniors as and when demanded to conduct data analysis and interpretation

Education Background:

Certificate Obtained: Ordinary Diploma  in Exploration and Mining Geology, May 2015

College Name: Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga – ESIS

Performance: Graduated with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale

Courses taken included:

  1. Ore and Optical Mineralogy
  2. Structural Geology
  3. Palaeontology
  4. Mineral Exploration
  5. Mine Survey
  6. Mining, Mine Safety and Environmental Management
  7. Geological, Geochemistry and Geochemical Mapping
  8. Geophysical Exploration
  9. Remote Sensing and GIS
  10. Exploration Drilling
  11. Geology of Oil and Gas
  12. Application of Geology in Underground Water Exploration
  13. Mine Hazards
  14. Mineral Sorting And Processing
  15. Engineering Geology
  16. Ore Reserve Estimations And Economic Geology

Short Courses:  Certificate in ArchGIS and Map Info Application, March, 2015, Science Info Tech, Mwanza

Hobbies and Interests

  1. Reading books
  2. Outdoor walking
  3. Discussions and Sharing
  4. Surfing the Internet


Available on request.

English Form

Fomu ya Kiswahili

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