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Plan, prioritize, and execute your daily, weekly and monthly tasks based on importance rather than urgency. Evaluate whether your efforts exemplify your desired character values, propel you toward goals, and enrich the roles and relationships that were elaborated in Habit 2

Our time is affected by things we do. The following four quadrant table shows how various activities and events affect our time







Pressing Matters


Short notice/deadline driven assignments

E.g. sicknesses, funerals, wars, floods, hunger etc

Result is:

Stress,   Burnout,  Crisis’s

Always doing things on fires

Note: A bridge is broken during elnino in Kagera and the president went to see the hazard using 10M instead of sending even 5M to build another bridge

Nature of Timetable

Problem driven timetable


Activities of Preventive nature

Activities that Build relationships

Planned /Prepared in Advance Activities

Implementing Systems

e.g. Building a good house, establishing businesses to raise personal economy

Results is:

Discipline, Vision, Improved communication, Good planning, Empowerment, Good relationship with others

Personal development, Spiritual development

Nature of Timetable

Planned activities  driven timetable






e.g. letters, telephone, visitors, wedding, travelling, visitation,  unprepared meetings, popular events/activities

Result is:

you become out of control, feel victimized, crisis management, and short term focus

Nature of Timetable

Third party driven timetable




Time Wasters

e.g. drunkard

prostitution, theft, card plays etc


Results is:

Total irresponsibility, fired from job

dependant to others

Nature of Timetable

Problem driven timetable



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