win win situation

Trait N#4 – Agree on Win / win Situation

Interdependence or Public Victory Stage
The next three have to do with Interdependence (i.e., working with others):

Trait N#4 – Agree on Win / win Situation

Genuinely strive for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships. Value and respect people by understanding a “win” for all is ultimately a better long-term resolution than if only one person in the situation had gotten his way.

NB:  Normally the senior character is the one responsible in win win.

Six ways of reaching a consensus

  1. i.                    Win/win

¨       Agreement or solution is mutual satisfying each parties.

¨       It is not my way or your way it is the better way.

¨       All parties feel good about the solution and feel committed

  1. ii.                  Win/lose

¨       Authoritarian approach (madaraka)

¨       It uses position, power (maguvu ya kuzaliwa),

¨       Credentials (Elimu uliyonayo),

¨       Possession (Utajiri) and

¨       Personality

¨       It is a lion way when he fight with rat

  1. iii.                Lose/ win

¨       Giving in or giving up, quick to please, you seek popularity through acceptance.  You have little courage to express feeling you are easily intimidated by ego strength of others

¨       [ win lose people feed on lose win people]

  1. iv.                 Lose/Lose

A result of an interaction between two win/lose people

  1. v.                   Win

Considering or acquiring of oneself needs and remain silent

  1. vi.                 Win/win OR No Deal

No deal to discuss, we can agree to disagree agreeably (kubaliana kutokubaliana)

Conditional agreement (no way to escape, you have to agree even if not good for your side so as to change the upcoming bad result)

Mwisho (End):

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