Trait No1 – Independent and Self Mastering

Independence (Self-Mastery) or Personal Victory Stage
The First Three Habits surround moving from dependence to independence (i.e., self mastery):

Trait No1 – Independent and Self Mastering

Take initiative in life by realizing that your decisions (and how they align with life’s principles) are the primary determining factor for effectiveness in your life. Take responsibility for your choices and the subsequent consequences that follow.

This is the ability to control one’s environment, rather than have it control you, as is so often the case. Self determination, choice, and the power to decide response to stimulus, conditions and circumstances

¨       Be responsible for things around you or your things/affairs around you

¨       Person is able to do 90% of things, 10% is govern by external factor

¨       Yourself contribute the way you are.

¨       You are the programmer and doer of your life therefore don’t stay aside and complain.

Important factors which help you to be proactive

  1. Paradigm shift
  2. Area of influence
  3. Inside-out change
  4. Response Ability
  5. Seeing outside of the box

Paradigm shift

e.g. political shift.  From:

Socialism to capitalism

One party to multiparty system

Gender oppression to gender sensitivity

Stone age to science and technology

(E.g. Loans and Support were from two camps USA and USSR)

Economical system change e.g. we were in socialist market type of economy now is competition only

¨       We have to change the way we think or perceive things, (depend somebody to do for us)

¨       Plan on development whatever you can

Area of Influence and area of concern

Area of Influence and area of concern

Is affected by choices within your control

Area of concern.  (Is affected by other things outside your control)

Therefore increase the area of influence in everything you do.

NB:         Increasing area of influence = Decreasing area of concern

Inside-Out Change (Recommended)

¨       Character change from inside character for example: –

  1. Integrity                       4.Justice               7. Modesty
  2. Humility                       5. Simplicity        8. etc
  3. Courage                       6. Industry

¨       ‘What you are shout so loudly in my ear that I cannot hear what you say’.

NOTE:  Outside–inside change (Not important)

¨       Personality ethic as the foundation of success In which a person tends to change for reasons

  1. Public image
  2. Attitude behavior
  3. Skills and technique that lubricate the process of human interaction

Your altitude determine your attitude

NB:         The change should start from inside if it has to be sustainable.



is related to the outside-in change Is related to inside-out change

Response Ability

Response Ability is the ability of anybody to response after being stimulated. In any stimuli we have, there is a choice to the response

Response AbilityAfter stimulating somebody, freedom of choice can generate different responses.

Eg.          Death of spouse report = stimulus;

Freedom of choice = how, what do I response

Response can be committing suicide, submitting to God or running mad

IMPORTANT:     There are two types of responses:

¨       Proactive

¨       Reactive

Different between Proactive and Reactive

Reactive Language

Proactive Language

There is nothing I can do Lets look for the alternatives
I just hate him I will choose an appropriate response
That’s the way I am I can choose another approach
They won’t allow that I can create an effective presentation
He makes me so mad I control my own feeling
I can’t I choose
I must I prefer
 If only I will

After completing the above four steps, you can now be proactive and not reactive

Effective people are opportunity minded and not problems minded they feed opportunity and starve problems.

They think preventively.

Seeing outside of the box

Please let participate in the following game

Seeing outside of the box


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