Business Plan Development Calculator

Business plan Development Calculator

The business plan development calculator compute the professional fee charged based on the following criteria:

  1. Projected Turnover
  2. Increment Factor for Design Professional Fee
  3. Increment Factor for Item Professional Fee
  4. Total Number of Products/Services
  5. Number of Years (Recommended is 3 to 5 years)
  6. Discount Available if any in %age

With the above criteria the calculator can computer the following:

  1. Business Plan Design Professional Fee
  2. Fee Charged per Product/Service
  3. Professional Fee Charged for Products/Services
  4. Discount Amount Available
  5. Total Professional Fee
  6. Amount in your preferred currency by just entering the current exchange rate


Enter the projected turnover of your business and the corresponding total number of products or services you expect to offer.

Design and Item factors help to control the behaviour of your Total professional fee at all levels of different turnovers and products/services quantity. Put them between 0.1 to 0.9 percent

Note: the product or service is the item that will be deal with separately eg. In the business of selling soft drinks, soda can be one item but cocacola and fanta can be separate items if accounted separately


We do not charge business plan design less than US$ 200

Special discount are available on request for service provision and nonprofit entities

Discount available also for BP with turnover over 0.3M and over 10 items of transaction

Lemburis Kivuyo

Business and IT Consultant

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