We register companies on behalf of business owner/investors from abroad at affordable costs

Our costs

  1. Small companies with a share capital less than TZS. 1M complete registration fee is TZS. USD800.00
  2. Small Companies with share capital between TZS. one milioni and 5 milioni 5 is USD 950.00
  3. Mid Companies with share capital between TZS. 5 milioni and 20 milioni is USD. 1,150.00
  4. Mid Companies with share capital between TZS. 20 milioni 20 and 50 milioni is USD. 1,400.00
  5. Large Companies with share capital above TZS. 50 milioni is USD. 1,700.00
Each fee above include the following
  1. BRELA fees
  2. Documents development fees
  3. Notary public fee
  4. Secretarial and stationary fee
  5. Consultancy fee
  6. Followup fee in case of any faulty or correction service
With the fee you get the following documents in pdf copy
  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Signed Consolidated form
  3. Signed Form 14b Declaration of Compliance
  4. Signed Ethics and Integrity Forms
  5. Signed MemArt
Client obligations
  1. To pay the required fee in full
  2. To provide 3 unique company/business names (Unique mean non existing or non resembling names to currently registered businesses)
  3. To supply all required info on time
  4. To sign the required documents and re-send on time