Prior to triggering an application to the Registrar of Companies for a Certificate of Compliance, one should make the following matters in order;

  1. Should have one local (Tanzanian) representative of the foreign company.
    This local representative is mandatory for the purpose of receiving documents on behalf of the foreign company.

  2. Translated Charter or Statute or Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Foreign Company.
    One of these documents are part of the requirements for an application for a certificate of compliance. If at all any of these documents are not in English the same must be translated into English by a certified translator

  3. Preparation of the latest Accounts or financial report document regarding the foreign company.
    The prospective investor who is desirous of acquiring a certificate of compliance must make sure that the foreign company that needs existence in Tanzania must have latest Accounts indicating the financial status or condition of the company. If the same are not in place, then the same must be prepared by certified auditors of the company.

  4. Place of business in Tanzania:
    The prospective investor should have detailed information of the place at which the branch will be situated in Tanzania once the Certificate of Compliance is acquired