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IT and Business Consultation for small and medium enterprises. Learn the low-cost approach on deploying current IT infrastructures within your organization/company/business.

Step #1

  1. Learn what is IT, different technologies relevant to your business, how do they work, their relevancy to you and your business, cost effectiveness, contextualization phenomena and transfer of skills and technology. If you can’t learn use an expert
  2. Decide which technology to use. This decision must be aided by knowledge of working infrastructures, availability of local skills, cost effectiveness, usability
  3. Sustainability quest. Put plans in place for who will be incharge, training plan, updating and upgrading plan, technology shift/disposal
  4. Prepare the infrastructures
  5. Recruit personnel
  6. Kick the ball:

Mwisho (End):

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We offer but not limited to the following:
Business Office Documents Development, Company Registration, Business Plan Development, Curricula Development for colleges, Office Digitization Consultancy, Online Presence and Marketing Consultancy, Leadership and Management Consultancy, Constitution Development  and much more

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About The Author

Lemburis Kivuyo is a Busi­ness, IT and Com­mu­nity Related Project Consultant. Specialized in Business Establishment, Leadership training, Online Marketing, Small groups and teams leadership and management, Curriculum Development, Constitution development and much more.

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