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The concept of PAYE is based on 6 levels as follows:

Level 1

Pension amount equal to 10% of the gross salary is not taxable


Taxable salary = Gross Salary – Pension amount

Level 2

Taxable salary that is equal or less than TZS. 170,000.00 not taxable

Level 3

Taxable salary Between TZS. 170,000.00 and TZS. 360,000.00 Taxed 9% of the level 3

Level 4

Taxable salary Between TZS. 360,000.00 and TZS. 540,000.00 Taxed 20% of the level 4 + tax amount from Level 3

Level 5

Taxable salary Between TZS. 540,000.00 and TZS. 720,000.00 Taxed 25% of the level 5 + tax amount from Level 4

Level 6

Taxable salary above TZS. 720,000.00 Taxed 30% of the level 6 + tax amount from Level 5

Individual Income Tax Rates for Tanzania Mainland:

Monthly Income tax rate (PAYE)

  1. Salaries from TZS. 0 – 170,000.00 has a NIL PAYE deduction
  2. Salaries from TZS. 170,000.00 – 360,000.00 – deduct 9% of the amount in excess of TZS. 170,000.00
  3. Salaries from TZS. 360,000.00 – 540,000.00 – deduct TZS. 22,800.00 plus 20% of the amount in excess of Tshs. 360,000.00
  4. Salaries from TZS. 540,000.00 – 720,000.00 – deduct TZS. 58,800.00 plus 25% of the amount in excess of Tshs. 540,000.00
  5. Salaries of TZS. 720,000.00 and above – deduct TZS. 103,800.00 plus 30% of the amount in excess of Tshs. 720,000.00

Based on this concept

A staff whose gross salary is TZS 1,500,000.00 (One million, five hundred thousand Tanzanian Shillings) as an example is taxed as follows:

Tanzania PAYE and Pension Salary Calculation Sample 2016-17The relevant Tanzania PAYE and Pension salary excel calculator for 2016/17 is attached for download: CLICK HERE TO GO TO DOWNLOAD PAGE

To use the calculator, just input your gross salary amount in number only in the cell B6 and the calculator will do the rest.

If you need a customized excel sheet for staff Pay Slip with PAYE and Pension Calculator please contact me

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