What is a Technology


What is technology?

A technology is a tool, machine or equipment that operate under a certain scientific concept or method and that when applied increases efficiency and effectiveness in production.

Attribute of a good technology

  1. User friendly – easy to grasp and use by all level of users
  2. Affordable- large number of users can afford to buy and implement
  3. Accessible locally – can be reached and acquired by users locally or from the neighborhood
  4. Support, training and documentation easily and locally available
  5. Address more or less specific issues in the community


The technologies if well implemented will increase effectiveness and efficiency in production and hence profit maximization.

  1. By effectiveness we mean attaining the desired output as planned – with a good technology, we are certain to reach goals and results
  2. By efficiency we mean use little resource with more produce- use little time with maximum results, use few personnel with maximum results, use little cash with maximum output. In general use LITTLE INPUT with MAXIMUM OUTPUT


Since the word technology covers a very wide area, let us take a case in ICT

Farmer’s example

  • Farmers can use smart phones to get information about well performing seeds, weather forecasting, affordable agricultural tools and markets to sell their produce on time and at very little cost

Food security in Household example

  • The same as above, households can benefits among many things, to get information about crop production behaviors and technical support on cheaper ways to store food using smart phones
  • They can also get information on food availability and prices using smart phones

Trade example

  • The traders can benefits from the technology especially using smartphones to get on time information about markets needs and prices


Although it is obvious that smart phones are very useful in our daily life and especially for the economic aspects of farmers household and traders but still there is an outstanding service provider challenge.

The services that are offered in smart phone apps need to be designed, created and provided by someone. Currently, few vendors and few areas are covered and by the intervention of stakeholders like government, NGO and commercially institutions will rectify the current situation.

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