Selling Transaction Steps

Selling Transaction Steps

Consider the three steps before the actual selling transaction stage

  1. Pre selling activities
  2. selling transaction stage
  3. Post- selling activities

Pre Selling Activities

  • Study hard to know your product and or services technically and at consumer endpoint. This will put you in the best position to sell the product because client will be confident that they are buying from a competent service provider or seller. This will assure the client for after sale good service
  • Conduct enough rehearsal
  • Prepare all required materials and documents for company and product description, demonstration and reviews
  • Prepare also database to record all customer events and contacts ( i advice to use electronic technologies)
  • To have a serious management meeting to decide on crucial issues about the client encounter event. Things like materials and offers, etc

Selling Transaction Stage

There are four selling transaction to tracts while meeting with the client as follows:

  1. Introducing yourself, the organization and the intended product to sell
  2. Describing the product features to the client
  3. Demonstrate how the product works
  4. Present a competitive offer to the client and close the deal

Introducing the organization and the intended product to sale

  • Introduce your company in a way that it will capture client solution to his/her needs and wants. Avoid unwanted details. Provides contacts and direction to the principal office location

Describing the product features to the client

  • Outline in a easy to understand language all product features and descriptions specially those that directly answer the client inquiries or problems

Demonstrate how the product works

  • Show how the product/service works; use the relevant tool and media. Make sure your demonstration is not too deep technical but rather classical friendly to everyone to understand. Go technical if the client is technical
  • Try to compare your product to other competitor for the same product in terms of features and price
  • Eg domain  registration and web hosting demo can be web hosted and domain registered, also can be compared prices and services from other competitors  like we offer ssl certificate for free

Present a competitive offer to the client and close the deal

  • Make sure you know the market price for the product. Make sure also the client is educated on market value per feature so that your price will be seen friendly per feature and not per product. Provide necessary after sale offerings that will inspire the client to buy from you
  • Ask the client to buy with time limit for any offer
  • Eg 24 hours for best offer, 3 days for the second best offer, 7 days for the third best offer and 30 days for the last best offer etc
  • Offer can be free one month hosting,
  • I recommend not to give offer above 30 days as this will not attract a customer to buy and many will forget it
  • Exchange contacts for follow up like business cards, brochure and locations

Post- Selling Activities

  • Create a follow-up plan and schedule and implement it not only for expected buyers but also to the buyers to know how they are going well with the bought product or service. This will inspire the client to buy more or direct other customers to you
  • Ask for comments, reviews and rating for the provided service and product for future marketing and selling strategies,  Use if possible third parties websites, directories and forums to make the public know how happy customers are talking about you.
  • Remember to guide the client on how to comments, review or rate you
  • Use the past best practices for the future selling tractions

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