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Business Licenses Requirements and Application in Tanzania

Doing business in Tanzania is governed and regulated by several laws and procedures and some and important one is licensing your business. Some businesses require only one license but other requires more than one license in order to fully operate in Tanzania..

Requirements for license application

  1. Business license application form (original)
  2. Business license – Ministry of Industry and Trade (Simple copy)
  3. Certificate of incorporation (Simple copy)
  4. Memorandum and articles of association (Simple copy)
    if there are changes made on the previous Memorandum and Articles and Association
  5. Residence permit class “A” (Simple copy)
    For foreign subscribers whose residential addresses in the Memorandum and Articles of Associations is in Tanzania
  6. Lease agreement (Simple copy) or
  7. Title deed (Simple copy)
  8. Power of attorney (an authentic copy)
    To a Tanzanian citizen or to a resident, in case the shareholders of the company are non-residents.
  9. Receipt (MIT) (original)

Additional requirements for specific businesses

  1. Customs Agency license (Simple copy)- For those applying for clearing and forwarding licenses.
  2. Tourism Agency license (Simple copy)- For those applying for licenses related to tourism promotion.
  3. Registered professional certificates (Simple copy)- For all professional businesses (Dispensaries, Pilots, Ship Captains, etc.)
  4. Air worthiness certificate – Authorizing aircraft to fly.
  5. Sea worthiness – Authorizing ship to sail.

Submit your application to

Entity in charge

Unit in charge

Person in charge


NSSF Waterfront house, Sokoine drive, Dar es Salaam P.O. Box 9503
Fax: +255 222 125 832
Email: ps@mit.go.tz 
Website: http://www.mit.go.tz/


Mon: 08:00-15:30
Tue: 08:00-15:30
Wed: 08:00-15:30
Thu: 08:00-15:30
Fri: 08:00-15:30

Tel: +255 222 127 897, +255 222 127 898


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