Company Director

Company Director Removal and Replacement Procedures

A company director is appointed and put in the office by laws govern Companies in Tanzania (The Companies Act, 2002, No. 12)

Weather it is director removal or appointment, the incident must be reported to the registrar of companies (BRELA) following the set procedures

The first thing to do when the company want to remove a director and appoint a new one or want to do one of the activities, the process must be carried via a resolution written after a meeting of members called purposely among other things for that agenda of removing and or appointing a director.

  1. A letter of intent or notice may originate from any director
  2. The notice should be sent to that Director to be removed
  3. The director to be removed have the right to defend himself/herself within reasonable time frame in writing
  4. Once the company received a defence or representation letter, it will convene a members meeting to deliberately remove the said director
  5. The company will either circulated to all members the representation letter or if the director to be removed submitted it late, then the representation letter will be read aloud in the meeting for all members to hear the representation.
  6. If the members are not satisfied by the representation, then they will pass a resolution to remove him/her from the office
  7. Following that removal, the company will have to notify the registrar of companies (BRELA) via formal filling procedures about that removal to update the company records in the register of companies records.
  8. After several days the company may request a search report from the registrar of companies which show that the director has been removed from the company list of directors. That search report will be the legal proof such removal.


  • The director to be removed is oblique to the removal compensation and damage if any
  • The appointment of a new director must observe age limit of 21 and above and below seventy


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