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Remote Sensing and GIS

Remote Sensing and GIS

With background field of study in BSc. Geology, I can facilitate Remote Sensing and GIS for technical cadres and special need individuals or institution on crash or short term basis.

Areas of expertise in RS

  1. Remote Sensing Concept
  2. Elements of Remote Sensing
  3. Electromagnetic Radiation
  4. Atmosphere and Earth Interactions
  5. Remote Sensing Sensors
  6. Microwave Radiation (A special case of concern)
  7. Image Analysis and Interpretation
  8. Areas of application

Areas of expertise in GIS

  1. GIS Concept
  2. Component of GIS
  3. Computer System
  4. Hardware components
  5. Software components
  6. Databases framework
  7. GIS systems and Vendors
  8. GIS Data Concept  (Types, Models, Formats, Organization, Storage, Analysis, and Integration)

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