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  1. Repeating the same thing over and over e.g. Frog (Frog)
  2. Bored by sleeping and yawning e.g. hippo (Hippopotamus)
  3. Person that feels is cleaver.  Talk very long with difficult language e.g. owl (bundi)
  4. Does not contribute.  Hide him/her self by thinking that no one seeing e.g. rat (Rat)
  5. Hide with bite without informing or alarming e.g. snake (Snake)
  6. Annoy people by ambush without reason e.g (Rhinoceros)
  7. Run when there is forecast of adverse condition and change the topic e.g rabbit (Rabbit)
  8. Hide head and pretend there id no problem and deny e.g ostrich (Ostrich)
  9. Want to be sympathized often (Cat)
  10. Show beauty and good and good things they are doing. E.g. centric like cocktail (Tausi)
  11. Does not contribute or answering a thing e.g fish
  12. Change according to environment as people company (Chameleon)
  13. Horse or donkey-You cannot change their behavior. (Horse)
  14. Fight if your thought were not accepted e.g lion (Lion)
  15. Teasing and not serious all the time (Monkey)
  16. Close the way so that people will not achieve their goals elephant (Elephant)
  17. Withdraw if was annoyed e.g turtle (Tortoise)
  18. Pride in education e.g. title or beauty giraffe (Giraffe)

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