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Project proposal writing skills is very essential for project officers, managers, coordinators, supervisors and marketers. This page briefly explains important steps and details to know before engaging yourself into writing a project proposal

  1. Cover page. The cover page lets proposal beneficiary/reader know who you are and the purpose of your project proposal. It compose your name, institution name and logo, contact information and the proposal title. The title is recommended to be simple and reflect the broad concept of the project needs.
  2. Project proposal introduction. The introduction needs to include basic institution information and qualifications, along with a summary about the project needs.
    • Write about the organization’s vision, mission and objectives, history and background and role in the current industry. Basic qualifications and experience should be highlighted.
    • Create a summary that lets the client know you fully comprehend the mission of the project and any issues that may arise as a result. This summary should be short and to the point.
  3. Explain the purpose of the proposal. Discuss the project parameters as described by the client in a section that focuses on the purpose of the proposal. Briefly address the method you will use to meet the project’s needs.
  4. Reveal the solutions. Provide your proposed method of addressing the project and implementing your plans in detail.
    • Write a detailed description about all phases and tasks that must take place in order to enact your solution. Tell the client how and why the solution you propose is the correct one using prospective scenarios and statistical projections.
    • Create a time line for the project’s implementation from start to finish. Provide this in a textual format or a graphic chart.
    • Describe important stakeholders to provide services for the implementation of the project. Include their basic qualifications.
    • Establish a budget and break down the costs for the project. Clients like to know how their money will be spent.
  5. Provide a list of your qualifications and experience. Include a resume or other description as it applies to the particular tasks of the project. List other projects that you’ve worked on or assisted with that are similar in scope to the proposed project.
  6. Appendices. Include several additional documents as appendices, if necessary, to prove qualifications or enhance the proposal. For instance, charts are helpful to demonstrate statistics and facts. Other similar project profiles are often used in proposals. quotations, licenses, agreements etc
  7. Table of contents. After the proposal is completed and well formatted, fill in the page numbers for corresponding sections of the proposal, including the introduction, proposal emphasis, project plans and other parts describing different aspects of the proposal.



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