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Name: Goodlove Herman

Position: Director

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +255712356455

Postal Address: PO Box 10000, Arusha, Tanzania

Location: Arusha

Country: Tanzania

Region: East Africa

Legal Form and Owners

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Registered No.:

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Registered Name:

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Registered Date

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Company Description:

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Fixed Assets






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Board of directors = 7
Full-time consultants = 3
Full time officers =4
Support staffs = 5
Associate consultants = 2
Part-time consultants = 1
Part-time staffs = 3
Primary Roles
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Primary Company Objectives (Current)

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Secondary Company Objectives (Current)

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Our Niche Markets

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Past Experience or work

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Tunaweza kutoa huduma hii kwa gharama kidogo, huduma yenyewe yaweza kuwa ni ushauri, mafunzo au kufanya kazi husika. Tunatoa pia huduma ya masafa kupitia chat, email, mitandao ya kijamii nk

We offer services at substantial low cost. The service are consultation, training and doing personally the actual work. We also offer services remotely through chat, email, social media interfaces etc

We offer but not limited to the following:
Business Office Documents Development, Company Registration, Business Plan Development, Curricula Development for colleges, Office Digitization Consultancy, Online Presence and Marketing Consultancy, Leadership and Management Consultancy, Constitution Development  and much more

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Fomu ya Kiswahili

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