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Lemburis Kivuyo is a Business, IT and Community Related Project Consultant

Do you want to start a new business?

Consider these hints

25 critical steps to consider before starting a new venture

  1. Deciding to do business
  2. Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Correcting your weaknesses by getting appropriates formal or informal training
  4. Analyzing business constraints
  5. Choosing the type of business to do
  6. Perform market survey
  7. Choosing business form
  8. Choosing business location
  9. Choosing the technology
  10. Purchasing machines or equipments
  11. Business registration
  12. Writing the business plan
  13. Financial planning
  14. Technical knowhow
  15. Power issues
  16. Machines or equipments installation
  17. Staff recruitment
  18. Raw material planning
  19. Production or business start up
  20. Patent, licensing and copyrights issues
  21. Business security
  22. Selling stage
  23. Market research
  24. Business/production monitoring and supervision
  25. Business evaluation

I will come soon with details for each step

Swahili version is available, for those who need please contact me.

You are welcomed

English Form

Fomu ya Kiswahili

About The Author

Lemburis Kivuyo is a Busi­ness, IT and Com­mu­nity Related Project Consultant. Specialized in Business Establishment, Leadership training, Online Marketing, Small groups and teams leadership and management, Curriculum Development, Constitution development and much more.

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