group morale

Five (5) Cancers affecting synergy

The five cancers that affect group morale and performance are explained below. Thee cancers are behaviors within some members of the group that affect others modes that relate each other like the way of thinking, their mentality, ego, confidence and many other attributes.

  1. Complaining
  2. Criticizing
  3. Comparing
  4. Competing
  5. Contending


Siting there and complaining about your failure or group failure will not solve anything rather it will create divisions among yourself and hence lower group morale and passion to work as a team.  To avoid the complaints just ask your self “What am I done to make the situation better?”


Be critics but don’t be naive, give credits if other did well and criticize when needed. too much critics reduce morale and others will always fear you or they may be always prepared for a protective mechanism. This situation will not help in making teams perform best they can.


Everybody is unique in seeing, doing, speaking and perceiving things . Be yourself and do as yourself. The moment you start comparing yourself to other the very moment you will start falling


Fighting to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others in the group. This type of competition normally end up with disunity and selfishness.


This a more of struggle than fighting or competing. Looking always to be right about some arguments, struggling to show others that you are always correct and superior

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